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When Are The Sabbaths And Other Holy Days?

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Jerusalem Time
Indisputable Evidence Of Traditional Jewish Interpretation Of Isaiah 53!
While I place no divisions between I and other believers on this issue pertaining to The Seventh Day, I strongly believe that the time of The Sabbath and New Moon ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD begin and end from sundown to sundown JERUSALEM TIME. See Isaiah 66:23, and this is also Recorded in Scripture of Sukkot (Tabernacles). See Zecharyah 14:16,17. These two passages in Isaiah and Zekharyah speak of the end-times. Note the common thread that the whole world will not stay in their own localities in their nations and worship on these days, but rather they will come and worship THE LORD AT JERUSALEM! Also, even before the end-times, we can see this Principle in The Torah. In Leviticus 26:32-35,43, we can see that even when the people of Yisra'el are all out of The Land because of their disobedience to ELOHIM, that The Land will enjoy her Sabbaths even when it is empty!  When ELOHIM Gave The Torah to The Isra'elites, He did so with the premise that ALL of Isra'el would be obedient to Him, thus ALL dwelling in The Holy Land! This is a major factor in coming to this realization about Jerusalem Time! And, there are plenty of end-time passages besides the ones in Isaiah and Zecharyah I mentioned above that all have the common thread that the nations will be going to Jerusalem to worship! We can also see a General Principle of Isaiah 66:23 (The Sabbath and New Moons), and Zecharyah 14:16,17(Sukkot), that suggests we can and should apply this to ALL the Biblical Holy Days. Also, Isaiah 33:20 CLEARLY equates The Biblical Holy Days with Tziyon--Yerushalayim!  A study of The Torah reveals that The Mitzvot (Commandments) are associated with The Land. Also, Devarim chapter 12 Tells us to be careful to only make sacrifices in The Place where He puts His Mark for this purpose. I believe that prayer is also included here. Why face Jerusalem if we don't follow Jerusalem Time? Going by Jerusalem Time makes the practice of facing Jerusalem more complete. However, one practicing this way would be doing so in vain if one does not seek to apply the underlying Spiritual Principle! By practicing this way, we are positively affirming to ELOHIM in faith that we have faith in His Glorious Eternal Promises to Yisra'el and His people, The Isra'elites! This is a Spiritual act of faith! When we pray and worship by Jerusalem Time on these days, we must seek the mindset that we are IN HARMONY with ELOHIM and the times He Appointed in The Bible, so that ALL the Jews and peoples of the world would be in harmony in prayer. I seek to be in Jerusalem SPIRITUALLY in my heart and mind during these times. (See also Romans 12:1,2 about being transformed by the mind). We also know that in the end of the age. Yehowshua HaMoshiach will come back to Jerusalem and Reign from their, and from Tziyon will come the Torah to the whole world (Isaiah 2:3), and that ALL PEOPLES will go to it (Isaiah 2:2). Although The Great Day Of THE LORD has not happened yet, we can SPIRITUALLY go to Jerusalem now, and in HIS TIMES. And not out of legalism, (which Paul Spoke against), but joyfully in faith as an affirmation).


I would caution and advocate that if you agree with me about The Holy Days, that you take absolutely no regard to following Daylight Savings Time when Jerusalem regards "DST". This is because "DST" was an invention by Benjamin Franklin in the 1800s, and thus has absolutely no Biblical grounds for measuring Holy Time! Rather, you SHOULD take only your local DST into account, because when your local is in DST, then you are to regard the start and end of the Holy Days in Jerusalem one hour later than when your own local is not in DST.


Sometimes and extra day is added on The Jewish calendar for people outside of The Holy Land. When this is the case, if you intend to follow like I do, then disregard, (usually) the first day that says it is the new moon and only regard the day that says it is the first day of the Jewish month, and not the first day that is the 29nth or 30th of the previous month. For the New Moon is the Day of the new month that says the first on the Hebrew calendar.


Keep this in-mind and adjust when The Holy Days start and end depending on your own local. To do this, you need to find out the difference in hours from your own local,and that of Jerusalem. This is very important if you are going practice like this. Bottom-line is that whenever the Holy Days begin and end IN JERUSALEM, this is the time when it starts and ends anywhere in the world, regardless of where we are located. I do not believe that The Holy Days are physical and floating around in the sky somewhere, waiting to get to us, or our localities waiting to get to where it is in the sky. I believe it is Spiritual.


These, you can adjust to show you the monthly calendars and Holy Days to the locality of Jerusalem, which is great! If you want to figure out the time difference between where you are and Jerusalem, you can use the link I gave to the world time server for Jerusalem time, on the link page "Other Recommended Resources". However, I caution you again that if you use this, be careful to find out if Jerusalem is in DST or Standard time. Also, if you use any of those two calendar programs, always set it that Jerusalem time is always calculated in Standard time ONLY.


I said above that the Spiritual Principle about being in solidarity with The Appointed Times of Elohim Time and the Holy City should be the mind and heart-set. Dani'el 6:10 and I think a few other places in The Psalms advocates that we pray towards Jerusalem if we are not physically there! I do not feel this is a legalistic Law, but I believe practicing like this only can enhance the Spiritual meaning behind this whole concept. However, I place no Spiritual divisions between myself and others who believe differently than I do on this issue. The most important thing is faith in G-d through His Son, Yehowshua HaMoshiach.


There are those that are critical that because the mainstream traditional Jewish calendar is the Hallel calendar, with little Biblical basis to harmonize the solar calendar with the lunar calendar as they do, that those who use it are going by wrong-time. However, I care not to get too far into these complex astronomical ussues, as I do not believe it is Spiritually healthy to go towards legalism. Furthermore, the technicalities of the calendar are extremely complex, and it seems that everyone has a different viewpoint on it. However, I believe that if the Spiritual Principles are applied that I encourage, then this issue basically disappears. When we as believers do the best we can and know how to do IN FAITH, HaShem sees what is in our hearts and minds.

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