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Jerusalem Time
Indisputable Evidence Of Traditional Jewish Interpretation Of Isaiah 53!

Download The Hebrew Westminster Leningrad Codex Tanakh for E-Sword (Requires Free signup), then click the "files" link, then "Bible Modules").

The Israeli Authorised Version Of The Holy Bible
This is the Authorised Version messianically edited and corrected. It also contains built-in commentary notes in The New Testament from a Messianic Jewish perspective. It was updated 3/28/06. Note this file is a module for the E-Sword Bible program (first link on top of this page). After E-Sword is installed, simply extract the .zip file of the IAV into the yellow Windows Explorer file: Program Files/E-Sword. To obtain this file, please e-mail me and put in the title of the mail "IAV" or "Israeli Authorised Version". I will send it as a compressed file attachment:

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This is the only free Jewish calendar program that I can recommend, as it is the only one I can find that has no paganism or information on other Religions in it.It appears to have reasonably accurate times. You can configure it to give you the sunset times every day. Note the name of this particular program when going to this website to download it.

Planetary, Lunar, And Stellar Visibility 3.0

An excellent program that can be used to give you either a months worth, or a years worth of sunset times, and other sun and moon information.

Like the above Program, this one can give you a years worth of sunset times and other sun information. However, the newer versions of this program adds information on other Religions.

This is a particularly important website, as it will unconfuse you and make it clear to you the time difference between Jerusalem and your locale.  Again, only DST where YOU are is relevant. DST is not Biblical, so when Jerusalem is in DST, I regard HOLY TIME in Jerusalem Standard Time.

Shield Of Faith (A spiritual site stressing prayer).

Evidence That Messianic Judaism Is Right